Image by Jamie Street

Pet Information Form

After the free consultation with a Snoopy Dog Walks team member, you will be required to complete and sign a pet information form that will help us to keep your pet safe. We recommend that all animals are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and are up-to-date with all flea and tick treatment. If you suspect your dog is suffering from Kennel Cough, please inform us immediately – A Kennel Cough vaccination is recommended.


We will make every effort to contact you in the event of an emergency. We recommend pets are insured and that we are provided with a trusted third party contact number should we be unable to contact you.

Snoopy Dog Walks reserves the right to make emergency decisions regarding your pet's health provided it is, at all times, acting in the best interest of the animal and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.

In the event of a dog attack, Snoopy Dog Walks would not be responsible for any costs. Owners will be responsible for all veterinary fees.

Snoopy Dog Walks will hold no responsibility to any damage done to the owner’s property while the owner is away.

Booking Of Services

Please book services at least 24 hours in advance as there are limited spaces. I highly recommend owners book a week in advance to avoid disappointment. Priority will be given to pets that have permanent set days. 


Your key will be kept securely, away from personal information, and will not be identifiable with your property. All personal information will be kept securely and never shared or discussed in compliance with the Data Protection Act.


Photos of your pets are used solely to promote and display the type of work we do. Your privacy will be respected at all times.

Cancelling Or Termination Of Services

We will need a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel dog walking services after which the full charge will be payable.

Holidays And Breaks

Provided advanced notice is given, Snoopy Dog Walks will not charge you for holidays and breaks when you don’t need our services.

However, if you are absent from our services for longer than six weeks we unfortunately cannot guarantee your slot will be available when you return, unless advanced payment has been made. 

Meet And Greet Consultation

Snoopy Dog walks invites you to call or text any time to arrange a free Meet And Greet Consultation. A member of the team will meet you and your doggy in your home where we can discuss your requirement.